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ABOUT Velox ai

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Each year 2.1 Million people get diagnosed with breast cancer, and that is only in the US. 

We have been collecting data with years of experience to have a system today, that can identify breast cancer in a 38% quicker detection time. 

Velox AI has proven to be recommending the most efficient treatment to doctors for treating breast cancer patients.

How it works


With the use of machine learning we identify normal cells from cancerous cells providing instant and accurate results 


Not only do we provide a positive or a negative result, but we also define which type of cancer the patient has and how to best treat the disease  


We provide instant results at the time of testing, eliminating the traditional method of lab diagnosing and wait time. 


Meet the team

Content Creator, Researcher

Katia Kyriakoudes CMO

Entrepreneur, 10 years experience

Barbara Bernardino CBO

Startup Consultant, UC Berkeley

Laura Villarreal CTO

Product Designer

David Teng CDO

PhD Biotechnology Researcher

Calil Makhoul CEO


Largo de santana str. 23, 3000-360, Coimbra, Portugal 


Tel: 915710537

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Created by Katia Kyriakoudes & David Teng

Startup Consultant, UC Berkeley

Laura Villarreal CTO