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Rapid Breast Cancer Diagnosis

"Maria, a mother of 4, visits the doctor and finds out she has breast cancer." Can you imagine the anxiety someone goes through by receiving such news? Imagine how hard it is for someone to wait on the results to know whether it comes back negative or positive because the doctor indicated that there is a possibility of breast cancer. We make the waiting time disappear! No more waiting on your results with Velox AI.

Velox AI has been proven to give accurate results with just the click of a button. The future is here by adapting an already used machine to Artificial Intelligence in the medical field. 

Velox AI will take place while the patient is doing a biopsy and can get the results they seek. 

We have been collecting data for years comparing positive and negative tissues and combined them to a software that can indicate:
- Which are normal cells and which are cancerous cells

- What type of cancer it is

- And recommend the most efficient treatment 


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Created by Katia Kyriakoudes & David Teng